Esthetician Job Task 600 Hours

It is NCEA's position that an esthetician upon completion of a 600 hour program should be able to perform and/or know the following job tasks:

1. Disinfection and Infection Control
2. Human Physiology and Anatomy
3. Skin Histology
4. Skin Diseases and Disorders
5. Hair and its Growth Cycle
6. Basic Chemistry
7. Cosmetic Ingredients
8. Factors that Affect the Skin
9. Skin Analysis and Procedures related to Consultation, Documentation, and Treatment
10.    Cleansing Procedures
11.    Towel Steaming Procedures
12.    Exfoliation Methods
13.    Safe and Proper Methods o f Extractions
14.    Massage Movements and their Effects
15.    Contraindications for Massage
16.    Masks
17.    Electricity and Use of Electrical Equipment
18.    Methods of Hair Removal
19.    Color Theory and Makeup Application
20.    Advanced Sciences
21.    Scope of Practice/Regulatory Rules