Separation of Skin Care from the Cosmetology Scope of Practice

It is NCEA's position that skin care should be independent from the cosmetology scope of practice and license.



Due to the advances in technique, product and equipment, the NCEA recognizes the importance of protecting consumers and estheticians. Skin Care Curriculum requirements should be adopted from the NCEA's 600 and 1200 Esthetician Job Task Analysis.

Furthermore, it is NCEA's position to raise the level of the Esthetician's Scope of Practice by increasing the licensing requirements to meet NCEA's 1200 Hours Esthetician Job Task Analysis. The current cosmetology license that allows licensees to practice skin care includes a maximum of 250 hours of actual skin care training and in some states, as low as 40 hours.

Currently there are over 25 states that are still allowing cosmetologists to perform all skin care services regardless of training/curriculum that lead to licensure.